Where We Work & What We Do


The Society Officers & Board of Directors

President:  Wendy Bawabe

Secretary:  Sarah Jane Baker

Treasurer:  Marybeth Shea

Archivist:  Janet Watson

Board Members:  Laurie Detwiler, Chad Forman, Christian Jevne, Stephen O'Neill, Alan Prouty, and Jody Vermette

The Society Board meets monthly on Wednesdays from 2:30-3:30 (see the EVENTS page for the up-to-date schedule). Meetings are open to everyone.

Past Presidents

The following is a listing of past presidents of the Norwell Historial Society, which was established in 1935:

Joseph Foster Merritt (1935-1940)

George C. Turner (1940-1952)

William Gould Vinal (1952-1955)

Margaret Crowell Dumas (1955-1963)

John Hale Chipman (1963-1967)

Quentin Coons (1967-1969)

Richard McMullan (1969-1971)

Richard Leahy (1971-1973)

Joseph Carty (1973-1976)

Jon Bond (1976-1979)

William Garside (1979-1982)

Jeanne Garside (1982-1988)

Grace Carty (1988-1989)

William Slattery (1989-1991)

Sally Medeiros (1991-1994)

Robert Norris (1994-1995)

Gertrude Daneau (1995-1999)

Thomas & Alice Hyslop (1999-2003)

Thomas Hyslop (2003-2004)

Robert Norris (2004-2008)

Wendy Bawabe (2008-present)

Photo:  Presidents of the Norwell Historical Society gathered at the 75th anniversary (in 2010) of the founding of the Society in 1935.  From left to right, Joseph Carty, Grace Carty, Bob Norris, William Slattery, Wendy Bawabe, and Gertrude Daneau.