Historic dateboard program

Interested in getting a historic plaque for your home?

The Norwell Historical Commission and the Norwell Historical Society are pleased to participate in this cooperative project to identify historic homes in Norwell. If you own a property of historical significance and would like to purchase a historic home signboard, here’s what you can do:

  1. CONTACT US  via email to find out the status of your home’s research. We may already know who built your home and when it was built. If so, we can order the plaque immediately! If more research needs to be done, you can...
  2. CONDUCT YOUR OWN RESEARCH:  We are happy to give you research pointers and answer questions. Most research can be done online at the Plymouth Registry of Deeds and at the Historical Society.  OR...
  3. HIRE A PROFESSIONAL RESEARCHER:  Requests for a professional researcher to do historic or deed research on your home can be made by emailing the Society.

As a reminder, having a historic signboard on your home does NOT make your home eligible for any additional restrictions or regulations.  Signboards are a purely decorative addition--a means of showing pride about the history of your home.

Signboards may be purchased for $99. This purchase price includes a three-year membership to the Norwell Historical Society.